VMworld 2016 – US

For VMware, the VMworld shows are obviously one of the most important event showcases of the year. From a brand perspective, everything must be on-point within corporate standards while creatively exploring new visuals to generate excitement.

For years the brand had been dominantly gray with accents of colors. This helped VM stand out from the crowd of tech companies. In this industry, change is rapid and the VM brand team wanted to revamp the personality a little bit while keeping true to the core. I kicked off the art direction early-on in the process with the VM brand team to help translate what they envisioned as an overall brand in to a physical experience. By building some look-and-feel decks to help set the direction we were able to quickly get approved design direction from the VM brand team.

vmware_38778_vmworld16_lookandfeel0801-2 vmware_38778_vmworld16_lookandfeel0801-3 vmware_38778_vmworld16_lookandfeel0801-4

Keeping the use of gray in the hanging elements helped maintain a familiar overhead visual that could be identified from across the show floor. Once the attendees approached the exhibit, the treatments were energetic and inviting. Blues with accents of greens took over and the grays served to bring visual breaths to avoid overwhelming stimulation.


One of the more interesting elements of the VMware booth at VMworld 2016 was what was titled the, “Global Impact Stories” area. I worked with the VMware marketing team to create a semi-enclosed path of case studies that focused on VMware technology used in humanitarian efforts around the world.