SAP SuccessFactors – HR Tech

I have been working the SuccessFactors HR Tech annual exhibit for the past couple of years. One of the great things about working on their exhibit is their desire to really stand out from the rest of the companies at the show. They love the idea of doing something exciting and different. This exhibit was designed around a climbing wall that circus performers were showcased on.



In terms of branding and messaging, SuccessFactors happened to be thrown right in to the transition of rebranding as “SAP SuccessFactors” (after being acquired by SAP a couple of years ago). I had just finished the initial concept elevations when we were told we had to completely change direction. New colors, new hierarchy, etc. We had about 2 weeks until we hit some major production deadlines. Working closely with their branding team, I developed the treatments that would become standard visuals for their transitional period of branding to fall more closely under the SAP umbrella.



successfactor_vegas_2015_3 successfactor_vegas_2015_4